The Brummitt Group wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our amazing clients.  We’ve been blessed to work with some of the best doctors around.

Our first client…and current client is Dr. Charlie Powell, Founder and Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations for Healthcare Associates of Texas.  Amanda first met Dr. Powell when he and his better half, Keila, were still in Florida.  Amanda worked at Medical City Las Colinas and he was in the Navy.  She recruited him to Texas and to Healthcare Associates of Texas.  While growing his private practice in Irving, they worked together on a corporate wellness outreach campaign where Dr. Powell did health talks at many of the large corporations in Las Colinas.

About the same time that The Brummitt Group was being created, Healthcare Associates was recruiting a new specialist to their practice.  This was winter 2008.  Dr. Powell hired The Brummitt Group to build a strategic marketing plan for this physician and introduce him to the local community.

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Here’s what Dr. Powell had to say when we asked how he felt about working with The Brummitt Group after that project: “Amanda with The Brummitt Group has been the real reason for all of my success here.  She helped recruit me to the area and into a wonderful practice.  This has given me the opportunity to thrive and build a wonderful and very busy organization.  I now own the multispecialty practice, imaging center, sleep lab, pharmacy and other businesses that she helped me build through many other forms of advertising and promotion of me and my ventures.  Now that I own the practice and businesses, she has always been there in my times of need.  She has even been willing to step in as my acting CEO in a tough time of transition.  Her current projects with me include promoting my new physician and getting his practice started from the ground up.  Her numerous and invaluable contacts she has established in this area have proven to be an incredible asset.  Her continued devotion and attention to detail have made her and my ventures a wonderful success.  I recently started a new dietary supplement company called MetaRevive and had hopes of it being a hobby at best.”

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D. Powell added, “Early on I realized that I had a great product line and a lot of demand for it.  I knew I had to quickly take my “mom and pop” operation and turn it into a top-notch business with a professional flare.  Amanda was the first person I called to help with this.  Within hours, she had formulated a lengthy and detailed plan on taking my new venture to the next level and beyond.  Her incredible professionalism and dedication to her work are extremely notable but are shadowed by her skill and genuine care that she brings to each project.  I look forward to the many future projects we will have together and the continued success she brings to them.  Thanks, Amanda.”

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Since then, we’ve helped Dr. Powell and his team with everything from packaging design of MetaRevive, to secret shopping prospective acquisitions, to organizing open houses, to secret shopping and process improvement in their call center and pharmacy, to developing their website, to managing social media, to helping market all the cool procedures he develops.  Yes, develops.  He’s that guy!  He’s developed hair restoration procedures, allergy shot protocols, and ways to reduce/eliminate snoring.  He’s always looking for ways to improve the lives of his patients.

We can’t talk about Dr. Powell without telling you about Courtney!  Courtney LeClaire is Practice Manager of Cosmetic & Wellness Division of Healthcare Associates and she’s been working with us since the MetaRevive days.  We just adore her!  She is the glue that holds everything together on the aesthetic side of the practice….and she keeps Dr. Powell on task. 🙂  We asked Courtney what she loved about working with us and here is what she said: “Collaborating on ideas, working as a team, knowing that you all care about the final outcome, as well.”

We are incredibly thankful to Dr. Powell, Courtney, Keila, and all of the Healthcare Associates of Texas Family! It’s been fun seeing them evolve and growing with them.  Thank you, Dr. Powell, for trusting us with that first project and every one along the way over the last 10 years!