In February of 2009, we got a call from Dr. Ed Clifford of Irving-Coppell Surgical Associates that they were adding a new physician (Dr. Shahid Shafi, who is now their CEO), opening a new office, in the process of becoming Surgical Group of North Texas, and needed help marketing all of it.  Amanda had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clifford and his partners (Dr. Sina Matin and Dr. Julio Rivera) when at Medical City Las Colinas, so she knew they were great physicians that would be a good fit for The Brummitt Group.

We kicked off with a strategic plan and marketing campaign focused around the new office, new physician, and new brand.  Since that time, we’ve organized Open Houses, facilitated outreach campaigns, done photo shoots, assisted with operational and strategic decisions, developed press releases, and created countless print and web advertisements.

These projects have been accomplished with help from the surgeons and staff, as well as many other vendors.  We like to brag that we “play well with others,” and Surgical Group of North Texas is a fantastic example of that.  Level 2, Frontier Marketing, Expio, HomeKey Studios, McEwen & Associates, Schwenn & Associates, AlphaGraphics, Ultimate Bariatrics, and The Press Group are just a few of the folks that we’ve worked beside for Surgical Group of North Texas.  In fact, we are very aware of what we do really well and what others do better so we never hesitate to work with others who can balance our strengths with theirs.

Over the years, we’ve seen the group grow to seven surgeons, add additional service lines and niche specialties, build their own building, hire Dr. Shahid Shafi as their Chief Executive Officer, and continue to set the bar for surgical services in North Texas.  They provide excellent patient care at eight locations and counting across the DFW metroplex.  And our own team, family and friends can vouch for their amazing care.

Surgical Group of North Texas remains a client today, and we are thrilled to have witnessed their exciting growth.  We just love working with them.