Video is extremely valuable. It’s also expensive – production, doctor’s time, and potentially closing the office. So, let’s use this resource efficiently. The following tips are designed to help you maximize your marketing investment.

Tidy up the office. Touch up paint. Remove any signage that doesn’t look professional or friendly (and consider keeping it that way). Remove vendor brochures, prescription discount cards, and any other clutter. You want the office to look more like a spa and less like a doctor’s office.

Remove any religious or political information or anything that indicates how you sway on either of these. Marketing is done to get more patients. Personal and religious beliefs are cool…but they are also polarizing. If you want more patients, keep these things out of your video.

Only put patients in the video that have signed a release. This includes b-roll. Consider videoing at a time when no patients are in the office to be on the safe side. Bring in friends and family to be fake patients.

Explain technical terms and use language that is easily understandable. Have someone non-clinical help out with the process so they can alert you of anything that needs further explanation.

Wear a suit or pressed scrubs with a pressed clean lab coat. Really. Wrinkled scrubs or a dirty lab coat makes you look like a sloppy doctor. No one wants a sloppy doctor.

Consider professional makeup for both men and women to look better and more natural on camera. Keep your face matte and don’t wear bronzer or anything shiny.

Finally, smile and show your passion. Patients want a doctor that loves patients. Show them that through your video and try to have fun doing it!