Primary care docs are inundated daily with drug and equipment reps. So, if you are trying to sell something to them, get creative!

  • If you are selling a service/product that is connected to a physician, use quick physician to physician introduction angle.  We’ve been very successful with that. A physician is much more likely to give your Medical Director 3 minutes to talk about your service than a sales rep.
  • At the bigger practices, try going directly to the person in charge of ancillaries/diagnostics/imaging/lab/referrals or whatever service you are selling. Once they are interested, then they can help facilitate something with the physicians.
  • Can you team up with a drug rep or equipment rep that sells a complimentary service? For instance, seizure medicine rep for EEG/EKG sales.
  • Medical Office Manager Meetings – Some hospitals have these and allow sponsors/speakers.  It can be a venue to get to know office manager and then they get you in.  Don’t hard pitch your service; talk about how you are improving lives through your service.  Or, speak on an educational topic. And, be sure to ask questions about their needs over just pitching your service. And, if there isn’t an office manager association in your area, consider starting one.
  • Exhibit at primary care conferences – Particularly regional ones where you have a presence can be useful. It’s a long-term strategy but is a good way to reach physicians that are already looking for solutions.
  • MGMA meetings – Same theory as Medical Office Manager Meetings and you’ll have some docs there too.  You can exhibit.
  • Local medical society meetings – Mix of physicians and admin attend these and it depends on the market. Go to build organic relationships and give back to the community. The time to sell your services will be clear…and just might come up organically.