You either have to spend time or money to build a new practice. If you have time, but not money, these items are all free or mostly free. You can absolutely build a patient base for a new practice for less than $100 if you are willing to invest time.

  1. Create a blog.  Blog about general topics that people care about.  Nutrition, general health, exercise, stress management.  Include seasonal topics like allergies and flu prevention.
  2. Create a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Post useful information that people care about.  Don’t self-promote.
  3. Send out a press release to local papers and upload where possible announcing your practice.  I have a list I can share.
  4. Get involved in your community church, your kids’ school, gym, clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis, VFW, etc.  Be friendly and what you do for a living will come up.  When it does, share in a non-salesy way. 
  5. Offer to do free health talks for employers (nice commercially insured base) and community groups.  Keep the talk to 20-30 minutes and allow time for questions.  Give a topic handout with pearls of wisdom that has your contact information discreetly on there. 
  6. Write health articles and give them the local publications, employers (for newsletters), and community groups (for newsletters) for free.
  7. Introduce yourself to local school nurses.
  8. Go introduce yourself to any other providers that might be a potential referral source – PTs, Pain Management Docs, Orthopedic Surgeons, Primary care docs.
  9. Participate in community and employer health fairs.  Offer some kind of free screening to engage people.  Even if it’s just blood pressure checks. 
  10. Attend local Chamber events.  Sometimes they are free.  If you can afford it, join and take advantage of all the membership perks. 
  11. Update your information anywhere it can be found on the internet.  This is VERY important!  Upload pics and information that makes you unique.