Looking to grow your LinkedIn company page audience without spending any money? No problem. Use these tips to grow your followers for free.

  1. Include a link to the company LinkedIn page in an easy-to-find spot on your website. The footer of your website and the contact pages are two great spots.
  2. Link to the company page in Work Experience on your LinkedIn profile. And ask your employees and providers to do the same.  This is especially important for your leadership and providers. Every person that checks them out professionally will have a direct link to your company page.
    Screenshot of adding company
  3. Invite employees and LinkedIn connections to follow the page.  Invite vendors to follow the page.  Invite people from professional associations and community groups (like the Chamber of Commerce). You can use the tool (below) that is built into LinkedIn. (Big thanks to Kathryn Rowe at iQe Labs for this tidbit!) It allows up to 100 invitations per month. Use email and text to request additional followers each month.
    Screenshot showing Invite connections
  4. Ask your team to do #3 above. The larger variety of people in the organization that invites people, the bigger your reach.
  5. If you have any open positions, post the jobs via your LinkedIn company page.
  6. Add a link to the LinkedIn Company page on your email signature with a linked icon or text. Here’s an example:

Amanda Brummitt, FACHE
Principal and Consultant
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