Think about the last thank you note you received. How did you feel when you read it? Appreciated? Special? That’s how you want the physician who you visited to feel. You want them to feel the time they spent with you was appreciated and worth it.

Following up with the physician and office after your visit is critical. It will only take a few minutes and will be another way to put your name in front of them. A day or two after your visit, send the physician and office staff a handwritten thank you note. If you have personalized stationery or notecards, that would be terrific. Offices receive so few handwritten notes which will make your note stand out even more. If you choose not to write a note, you should send a thank you email. This is where the business card or brochure you picked up from their office will come in handy since it’s likely to include email addresses.

Additionally, you should follow up with a phone call to the office to check in and see if the office needs anything else from you for their referral system. Doing this within a week of your visit is a good time frame.

If you want to make a real impact, sending an edible goody to the office will be well received. You could have something delivered to them with your name and contact info on it. Cookies, fruit, drinks, snacks, candy, or any other edible goody will put your name in front of them once again and in a fun way.

Another easy way to connect is to follow and like their social media accounts. Like and share their Facebook and Instagram posts. Like and retweet their tweets. Connect on LinkedIn and comment on their posts. Invite them to like your social media accounts.

And when you need to make a referral, think about the physicians you visited. Will one of them be a good fit for one of your patients? And if you do make the referral, contact that physician. Mention that you enjoyed meeting them and wanted to send one of your patients to see them.

Nurturing the relationship with the physicians you visit with follow up and appreciation can lead to referrals. By investing just a few minutes after your visit, you can impact the likelihood of those referrals, maximizing the time you’ve already invested with that physician and office.