A beautiful office and a great physician aren’t enough to attract and retain patients today.  They expect a high level of customer service and The Brummitt Group can teach your staff how to meet these needs.  From the first conversation on the telephone to receiving a bill after the encounter, each step will be considered and optimized for customer service.

We can analyze your practice to get a comprehensive overview of your current patient experience.  This includes visiting the practice, reviewing online reviews, and secret shopping.   We have extensive experience in this area with physician practices, pharmacies, and call centers.

Then, we will build a client specific customer service training plan with recommendations offering a better patient experience from beginning to end.  The plan is built in a manner that your team will understand and can carry it out.  We are also here to help every step of the way, if needed.  We can do as much or as little as you need in improving your patient experience.

Services include:

  • Secret shopping overall or for specific issues
  • Building recommendations for improving patient experience
  • Improving and streamlining forms and new patient intake
  • Training staff to enhance the patient experience
  • Scripting interactions in person and on the telephone
  • Optimizing patient throughput
  • Improving quantity and quality of patient reviews
These strategies will help increase and retain customers while improving the overall experience.