Health Fairs are a great way to attract new potential patients to your practice.

Finding events

  • Check local Chambers of Commerce
  • Check with cities
  • Check with schools
  • Check with large employers
  • Google city + health fair, city + expo

Before the event

  • Promote on social media that you’ll be attending.
  • Confirm date, time, setup time, tear down time
  • Confirm table size, location, electricity, chairs, trash cans
  • Determine if you are offering screenings.  BP is easy and almost free.  Glucose is inexpensive.  Here is a list of ideas to engage participants through screenings.
  • Work with Site Manager to arrange staffing
  • Order/gather any supplies you may need
    • Gloves, lancets, bandaids, alcohol preps, glucometers, glucose strips
    • Gather table cloth, pens, screening forms, sharps container, blood pressure cuff, candy, clipboards
  • Mock setup (the first time).  Pick up any additional items you need.
  • Figure out a prize for drawing…basket…$10 or under gift card
    • Create/print signage
    • Create/print drawing slips
  • Day Before
    • Remind providers/staff
    • Confirm with venue

Day of event

  • Arrive early…set up everything.
  • Wear scrubs or polo with logo.  Wear a name badge clearly representing your organization.
  • Greet participants and encourage them to engage with practice.  Tell them about the doctors (introduce if there), offer screenings, help them enter the drawing.
  • Take pictures.  Get lots of staff.  It’s best to not get patient faces (so you can avoid photo releases).  Be sure to ask before you take anyone’s picture.
  • Visit with other vendors.  Talk to them about your practice and what you do.  Encourage the docs to do this, as well.  Divide and conquer. Don’t all go together.
  • If the table isn’t busy, go out and try to draw participants in.

After the event

  • Tear down and take note of anything that needs to be re-stocked.
  • Drop linens at the dry cleaner
  • Notify winners and mail gift card or have them come to the corresponding office to pick up the basket
  • Put all of the contact information you collected into your system for future outreach
  • Post pictures on social.  Be sure to tag the venue, sponsors, whoever you worked with.
  • Drop a thank you note to the person you arranged it through and find out when their next event is taking place.