Do you find your sales reps buying a lot of lunches, but not getting quality time with the providers? Here are a few tips to make physician office outreach more effective:

• Make it clear (in a friendly way) that you are happy to provide lunch, but that this is a quick meeting with the physician. It’s okay to politely be clear that the rep meeting the physician is the purpose.
• Try to do right before clinic and right before lunch scheduled visits.
• Don’t pop in unless the doctor’s office allows unscheduled visits.
• Send the physician information 1-2 weeks prior to lunch/meeting with information and let them know you look forward to discussing on X date at X time.
• At the lunch/meeting, be sure you or the reps meet the doctor(s) and the referral coordinator. Try to meet the NPs, PAs, office manager, nurses, and medical assistants. Any of them can be a vital entry point to being able to care for their patients. Get their names. Repeat it back so you’ll remember it. “Nice to meet you, John.” Ask questions. Don’t just talk about yourself. As about their needs as it relates to your product or service.
• Have branded material that you can leave behind after the visit. This includes cookies/sweets, the package or the item itself should say your business name on it.
• Send the doctor and referral coordinator note after the visit thanking them for their time and mentioning how your product could help their practice. Take it up a notch by sending one to each person you met.
• Continue to follow-up at least quarterly with physician office prospects.