Let’s face it – advertising is expensive.  If you’re going to spend the money to do ads, take that extra step and make sure you’ll get a return on that investment.  What are you doing to make people notice your ads?  Are people reading them or just passing them by?  These easy tips should improve exposure and keep people looking at your ads.

  • Keep it simple!!  No one wants to read an ad that is complicated.
  • Use a true graphic designer and preferably a copy writer, as well.  This costs a little more upfront, but the results will be well worth it.  Many publications offer their design services, but I’ve found that they don’t invest the time and effort in it that your own graphic designer would.  (Email me for designers and copy writers).
  • Keep text minimal.  Say what you need to say with the least amount of words possible.  Don’t try to include everything.
  • Focus on the patient and less on the practice.  What does a patient want to know?  
  • Buy a nice stock photo or have a professional photo taken (preferred).  A cheap photo can ruin an ad.
  • Don’t list your training, unless it is somewhere that the general public would notice, like Harvard.
  • Include something about yourself or your practice that sets you apart from others.  This could be your bedside manner, special expertise, or even your friendly staff.
  • If you are board certified, include this.
  • If you have same day or next day availability, say this in the ad.  It’s huge!
  • Don’t individually list plans that you accept.  If you accept the majority of insurance plans, just say “accepts most major insurances.”  It’s implied that they should call the office to confirm.  List separately Medicare, Medicaid, and Worker’s Comp if these are payors that you want to attract.  If not, don’t list them.
  • Consider having one base ad that you put in most publications.  This will save you design cost if it can just be “tweaked” to fit.  If you are buying your own ad space, try to find similar dimensions as your base ad, as this will reduce re-design cost.  Having a base ad will also start to create an image for the practice that the general public will start to remember.  (Watch for an upcoming blog on “Creating a Brand for Your Practice” or email me if you want the information right away).

I hope these tips will help you yield a higher return on your advertising investments. Please feel free to call us with any questions about advertising a physician practice.  Best of luck to you!!