Tell your story by building out content across social media and keeping it updated. You won’t be able to tie direct sales to it.  But, it’s a good way to organically grow your audience, particularly if the posts are geared to the right audience.  And, if people check out your company (after getting a letter or email), you want to show a cohesive story.  Also, if you end up doing pay per click advertising at any point, the organic social will enhance it’s success. Below are some platforms to consider.

LinkedIn Company Page

The LinkedIn Company page should be fully built out with content and images. Target content for business to business sales and keep it professional. This is where you show off the company culture, available jobs, and share insight. Aim to post at least once a week.  Solutions-based posts are good.  Talk about specific drugs, treatments, surgeries, and procedures.  Share articles from your professional societies.  Invite your contacts to follow the page.  It’s also a fantastic place to feature your customers – both sharing solutions you provide for them and simply promoting their business. 

LinkedIn Personal Profile

There’s really nothing personal about it. This page represents you and your company. Keep it business-related. You can personalize your take or approach, but this isn’t a place for politics or puppies…unless you are a lobbyist or dog breeder. Aim to post on your personal profile at least once a week.  You are a content expert and LinkedIn is a great place to showcase this.  Share articles, solutions, and cool things that your team is doing.  Build out your profile with images consistent with your company image and build out content in your education, work experience, and volunteering experience.  Your personal profile is a great place to make connections with your prospects. 

Google My Business

Claim your profile, add pictures and start posting at least 2 times per month.  Target posts based on what people would be searching online. For instance, for an infusion center, think about what people type in. Maybe, “comfortable in-network infusion center.” For an orthopedic practice, use symptoms and treatments. Try things like, “knee pain,” “PRP,” and “orthopedic surgeon near me.”  Also, it is useful to build up the reviews.  Perhaps ask some happy customers to give you a review. Check out specific review strategies here.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

These work best for direct-to-consumer, but you can absolutely target the posts for business customers.  And, it’s worth having a presence when prospective clients check you out.  Aim to post once a week if you can.  Post at least once a month on these platforms so prospects see they are active.  They can also be a fun place to show the “insiders” view of your company.  Content can be repurposed on other platforms spread out over time.  Just don’t post the same content on the same day on multiple platforms. There is good educational content on many professional sites like National Infusion Center Association, American Academy of Orthopedics, and Institute of Functional Medicine that can inspire content and may even be able to be used (with appropriate credit given).  However, only link to if your business pulls up in the organization’s directory. If so, link away! It can be an easy way to crank out content.

You can also have fun with it!  Do an Ask the Pharmacist, Ask the Doctor, or Ask the Nurse series answering common questions or complicated questions.  Consider doing this as a video; they perform better on social.  And, you can feature your customers here.  It’s a good spot to put patient testimonials as well.