For a great physician outreach strategy, you need a solid list, people to do the actual outreach, and a schedule that allows you to maximize visibility while minimizing time out of clinic.

Practices add providers, lose providers, and consolidate constantly, so keeping the list updated is key, especially for mailing, faxing, and emailing. It’s easy to pivot in person, but not so much in writing.

Depending on the specialty, geography, and growth needs, each practice will need to determine the right mix and the appropriate timing, especially considering the pandemic. But as an example, it could go something like this: 

  • September – Team members like Office Manager, Physician Assistant, Medical Assistant, Nurse drop-in to potential referring offices or call potential referring offices.
  • October – Schedule visit in person or virtually with providers in your highest priority geography.
  • Early November – Email campaign to the office staff of referring providers. People are checked out by mid-November and don’t check back in until after January 1st. Physicians can be included in this list, but the staff is more likely to open and read the email.
  • January – Mail postcard/informational packet/letter to referring offices about new services for the new year or ways that you can help their practice in the new year.
  • February – Team member like Office Manager, Physician Assistant, Medical Assistant, Nurse drop-in to potential referring offices or drop a hand-written note or article in the mail to office. It’s great to personalize it to someone that you interacted with previously to really nurture that relationship.
  • March – Fax information/letter to referring offices about a service you provide, some way you can help their patients, or a new study that is relevant to their specialty.
  • April – Schedule a visit in person or virtually with providers that were missed during previous interactions. Offer to have lunch brought in to the team if it helps you get the meeting.
  • May – Deliver something homemade with a recipe like healthy-ish cookies or muffins if it’s socially acceptable then. If not, have a local bakery deliver one of your favorites and include a note with why you love it.
  • Late August – Schedule face-to-face or virtual visits with providers that were missed during drop-ins. During the summer, you are competing with vacations, so you will catch fewer people. So, schedule as late into August or even early September.

For the prospective referrers, select a person from your practice that has something in common with the provider or staff (place of training, place of employment, where they live, where they worship).  Simple online research can usually get the information needed to find a connection. 

And, remember that we are here to help. We can build lists, develop your strategy, and even schedule the visits for you.