You’ve planned the perfect event!  Now, let’s make sure no detail is missed on the day of the event.  Don’t let a missed item or forgotten to-do ruin the fun…or the purpose…growing the practice.

Four weeks before the event

  • Invite waaaaaay more people than you think will come.   Maybe 10% will actually come.  If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce, their membership list is a great place to start.  Promote it on social media.
  • Block the clinic schedule.  Block it half an hour earlier than you think you need.  Don’t be shy about starting back seeing patients right at the end time though.  It’s a good way to get folks out the door.
  • Tidy up the office.  Remove unnecessary signage.  Touch up paint.  Repair or replace any sketchy looking furniture.  Clean the carpets, if needed.  Add a few decor touches to personalize the office, if needed.
  • Order food.  Order enough for how many you think will attend.  Don’t worry about having enough food.  Not everyone eats.  And, you don’t want leftovers.  Select food that is easy to eat standing…no cutting.
  • Order plates, forks, napkins, serving pieces, linens (if caterer isn’t providing).

One week before the event

  • Confirm with the caterer.
  • Do a mock set-up of the space after-hours to see how long it will take and if you are missing any items.
  • Promote the event daily on social media.
  • Let your staff and providers know if they need to wear anything in particular.

The day before the event

  • Confirm again with the caterer.
  • Do one last walk-through of the office to see if anything needs to be tidied.
  • Remind your staff and providers of what to wear and to have their name tags on.
  • Promote on social media.

The day of the event

  • Start early….hours earlier than you think you should.  Set up everything except food as early as you can.
  • Cross your fingers that everything goes as planned.
  • Post to social media during the event, especially if it’s a long event to draw in more attendees.
  • Have fun!!
  • Thank your team for participating and thank your guests for attending.