Is networking worth it for healthcare professionals? You better believe it!! And, start networking BEFORE you need it. Once you need something from the community, it’s too late to start. Build those organic relationships through networking and give to the community rather than asking for something. Eventually, natural conversations will come up about what you do. Don’t try to sell yourself! And, after you’ve given lots to the community, then you can ask for referrals.

So, where should you network in the Dallas Fort Worth area? This depends on your interests and who your target customers are. Good news: There are a lot of options!

Networking with Medical Practices

Networking with Hospitals

Networking with Employers

  • DFWBGH – Employers/Payors – Heavy on employers, but will have some healthcare folks from practices, hospitals, and payors
  • HR Professional Groups  – SHRM and other HR groups and HR councils
  • Employee Health Nurse groups
  • Finance professional groups

And, the final healthcare networking group crosses several categories, Women in Healthcare Texas Chapter is for a broad audience in healthcare, especially on the engineering and architectural side.

Pick a group or several and commit to being actively engaged. Consider volunteering in these organizations to build organic relationships. And, most importantly, don’t wait to start networking until you need a job or need prospects. Start networking now and build those relationships without expecting anything in return. Then, when you do need a job or prospects, you’ve given enough to the community that you can make the ask.