Selling your services to other clinicians is a complex and nuanced process.  We can help on every aspect from building a target list to knocking on those doors and anything in between. 

List Building – Building an accurate list is key to efficient visits.  Validating specialties, addresses, ownership, competitive services, and even hours of operation make a difference in who to visit and when.  You don’t want to waste your time dropping into an office with a competing service or taking time away to visit an office that is closed that day.   We can build lists from scratch based on your criteria and we will scrub and validate the data.

Designing the Pitch – You need to understand the needs of the practice you are pitching, understand your competitors strengths and weaknesses, and then have a great value proposition.  We can help you craft all of this so your messaging is efficient and received.  We can assist with navigating the lunches or treats to leave behind, while minimizing cost and maximizing impact. We can also anticipate questions and materials that prospects may ask for, and prepare you to deliver on those requests.

Scheduling the Sales Calls – Ideally, we like scheduled appointments!  Depending on the specialty and situations, drop ins can be an effective strategy when we can’t get an appointment.  We can work with your team to find the right mix for you.  And, we are even available to schedule those visits for you as an extension of your office!

Making the Sales Calls – Do you have a salesperson or someone on your team that is comfortable visiting physician offices on your behalf?  If so, fantastic.  If not, we can either be that face of your practice, fill in until your find someone permanent, or train your team to do it.  Ideally, we find someone on your team that the practices can bond with that can regularly nurture that relationship.  But, we’ll help you get those effective visits in, even if we need to do it for you. 

Cadence and Follow-up – Visiting once is good.  But, it’s not enough.  You’ll need a plan for how often to reach out – with a thank you note, in person, via email, via text, via fax, through education, etc.  And, you want to be sure you aren’t asking for something every time you reach out.  Give first.  Ask second…or third.  We can help you determine the right cadence for your unique needs and develop a plan to make it happen….and that includes utilizing data to measure success.